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How to top up the pressure on my Worcester Bosch boiler

Here is an example of how to top the pressure up, on a Worcester bosch boiler with a keyless filling link. Here at Arlow plumbing and Heating, we fit these as standard to make the customer’s life as easy as possible.

1. Turn Off the Boiler:

Ensure the boiler is switched off and has cooled down to avoid any potential injuries.

2. Locate the Filling Loop:

The filling loop is usually a silver, flexible hose located underneath the boiler. It might have a valve on either end.

3. Check the Pressure Gauge:

The pressure gauge is usually found on the front of the boiler. It should typically read between 1 and 1.5 bar when the system is cold.

4. Attach the Filling Key (if applicable):

Some models require a filling key to open the valves. If your boiler has a keyed filling loop, insert the key into the appropriate slot and turn it to unlock the filling loop.

5. Open the Valves:

Slowly open both valves on the filling loop. You should hear water flowing into the system. Monitor the pressure gauge closely as you do this.

6. Watch the Pressure Gauge:

As the water flows in, the pressure on the gauge will begin to rise. Allow the pressure to reach the recommended level (typically between 1 and 1.5 bar).

7. Close the Valves:

Once the desired pressure is reached, close both valves tightly to stop the water flow.
Remove the Filling Key (if used):

If you used a filling key, turn it back to the locked position and remove it.

8. Check for Leaks:

Inspect the filling loop and surrounding area for any signs of water leaks.

9. Turn the Boiler Back On:

Switch your boiler back on and check that it operates correctly.

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