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New Boilers Bridgwater, Arlow Plumbing & Heating Ltd New Boilers Bridgwater, Arlow Plumbing & Heating Ltd

Magnetic filters, are they worth it?

Did you know? A high proportion of boilers that fail in the first year do so because of poor water quality, by introducing a proper system cleaning method and the installation of an in-line magnetic system filter, we can significantly improve the efficiency and life expectancy of every households heating system. This represents a massive potential to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Key benefits to having a magnetic system filter installed in your home:

There are many different Brands of magnetic filter but generally, they all carry out the same function, they all use the same principle, a magnetic pull for all the metal particles floating around in the heating system. The main benefits are:

  • £££ Saving on energy costs up to 6 %
  • Extends the life and efficiency of the heating system
  • Reduces carbon emissions – helps to do your bit for the environment
  • To collect and remove the magnetic particles that are present in your central heating system.

The new British Standard BS 7593:2019 has been welcomed by Arlow Plumbing and Heating Ltd as it should not only improve your boiler protection but the health of the entire system too. The changes to the British Standard now acknowledge that magnetic filters shouldn’t just be considered a ‘nice to have’ item.

Hidden killer!

Keeping your central heating system clean is crucial to heating your home efficiently. After time if the system is not correctly maintained a sludge like material can begin to build up, this sludge like material is a build-up of rust particles and will become the hidden killer in your system.

To prevent a boiler or system breakdown, you will need to maintain your system regularly, we are here to help with all your boiler and heating system maintenance.

What does installation of a magnetic filter prevent?

  • Air present in the system due to corrosion taking place
  • Cold radiators or radiators only hot at the top but cold at the bottom
  • Noise in the system, the boiler makes a kettling noise when running.

I want to remove the sludge now!

So, you want to remove the sludge now! No problem we have the perfect solution, the installation of a magnetic filter followed by a magnacleanse. A magnacleanse heating flush, check out our magnacleanse blog for further info on how this works.

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